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Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski drives undercover for Lyft


Unsuspecting travelers got a surprise when ordering a car through Lyft this week—Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski behind the wheel.

A video of the 6-foot 6-inch Gronkowski, disguised with sunglasses and a pair of wigs, aired Tuesday morning on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Gronkowski made small talk with Lyft customers at he drove them to their destinations, talking about astrophysics and, of course, sports.

After one customer said he grew up in the Detroit area, Gronkowski, affectionately called “Gronk” by fans, had just one question to ask.

“Are you a Detroit Lions fan? Because I’m a Patriots fan,” he said.

“Yes, unfortunately,” the passenger said.

“It hurt my feelings that you said you were a Detroit Lions fan,” Gronkowski said.

Gronkowski revealed a little about his “man crush” on Tom Brady, telling one female passenger, “I love him, I’ve got like four posters of him.”

When one passenger refused to partake in yelling “The Gronk,” Gronkowski asked him if it would change his mind if he met “The Gronk.”

“Well I think you’re about to yell it then, because you just met Rob Gronkowski,” he said, turning into a parking lot.

At the end of each ride, Gronkowski took the passengers to a parking lot and taught them his signature spike.

Gronkowski itsn’t the first of Boston’s athletes to go undercover as a Lyft driver. Rex Sox hitter David Ortiz got behind the wheel in September.

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