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Pats-Jets: As it must be

Get ready for yet another week of Patriots-Jets hype leading up to Sunday’s third and final showdown between the teams.

The Jets took Round 1. The Pats were tops in Round 2. This one’s for all the marbles — or at least as many marbles as an AFC Championship Game spot is worth.

“It’s probably the way it should be,” Bill Belichick said on a conference call yesterday.

The Pats embarrassed the Jets at Gillette Stadium in Week 13, 45-3, leaving loud-mouthed Jets coach Rex Ryan a bit humbled.

For once.

Now Ryan and the Jets have a chance to avenge the de-feet. They certainly have a lot of film to learn from. But at this stage in the season, the results of those games don’t matter any more.

“I don’t think the last game or even the first game, either one of those games is going to mean a whole lot,” Belichick said. “Both teams know each other well. We’re ready for a whole new week of preparation.”

The significance of the matchup is lost on nobody.

“I think everybody knows what the importance of the game is,” Belichick said. “We all know it’s a one-game season. They know it. We know it. Both teams prepare for it that way.

“Both teams will give it their best, and we’ll see what happens.”