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Pay parking at LRT stations put another pinch on riders’ wallets

The Park Plus machines have arrived at three LRT Park & Ride lots so get ready to pay up.

“Not a good situation,” said one man who was parking at the Somerset-Bridlewood station. Come Monday you can count him into the group that will not be parking here, and he says he’ll consider other options such as driving downtown to park instead.

Monthly transit passes have gone up by eight dollars this year, and coupled with 21 working days’ worth of parking fees, some riders are shelling out an additional $71 a month to use transit. Eventually customers will have to pay for parking at every LRT Park & Ride, but for now only at Mcknight-Westwinds, Somerset-Bridlewood, and Dalhousie.

A concern is that once people have to pay at a station like Somerset-Bridlewood that has nearly 1,000 available parking spots, nearby stations with smaller lots will be forced to deal with a scramble for free parking.

“Certainly we can have our staff go in there and handle any kinds of questions or just control the situation” said Calgary Transit spokesperson Ron Collins.

“You have to put the metres in stages, I understand that, but in my view everybody should pay or nobody should pay” said Ald. Ric Mcivor

According to Calgary Transit that should happen by the end of May.

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