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Pee, the ultimate beauty and health treatment?

Pee, the ultimate beauty and health treatment?

Believers in the benefits of urophagia, also called urine therapy, claim that it can help cure everything from cellulite and poor circulation to cancer and AIDS. However scientists and health experts have been adamant about their being no proof that urine therapy has any effect on treating diseases.

Urine is composed mostly of water, at least 95% to be exact, the rest of it is a cocktail of urea, chloride, sodium potassium, creatinine and whole host of other organic and inorganic material that your body expels. Urine of a healthy person is pretty sterile, making drinking [in moderation (and by moderation we mean not often at all)] urine a pretty low risk activity. The most significant risk is dehydration, and with repeated consumption, damaging your kidneys.

So why do people believe urine is great for treating illnesses? Biomedx.com, a urine therapy advocacy website, argues that by reintroducing expelled material into your system your body adapts and matures to fight your illness. Here’s a jargon filled explanation:

Urine therapy has been able to cure seemingly incurable disease states. Why is that? Well, the colloids in your blood that are the protits/somatids, are very small particles. In fact they are so small as to be unfilterable by something like the kidneys. It is suggested that one of the invisible constituents of urine are these colloid particles that naturally just get passed through the kidneys out of the blood. When one consumes their own urine through the process of urine therapy, they are receiving a dose of these pure colloids. These biologically proceed to support the immune function, and possibly lead to taking the pathogenic microbes in the blood back down to apathogenic states. In this way, urine truly becomes the body’s own perfect medicine.”

What about cosmetics? Well according to MedicalDaily.com urine, especially morning urine will do wonders for your skin:

When applied onto the skin with a clean, damp cloth as a beauty treatment, urine can clear up psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Morning urine is said to be the best as a facial treatment because the hormones are said to build up overnight.”

Here’s a man, who claims to work as a male model, that also claims to use urine to wash his face to keep his skin looking “great.”

Practitioners of urine therapy will find themselves in pretty famous company. Madonna told David Letterman, in one of the most bizarre interviews ever, that peeing in the shower helped fight athlete’s foot.

What other celebrities claim to use urine therapy? Baseball player Moisés Alou claimed to pee on his own hands to help his batting performance, British actress Sarah Miles imbibed her own urine for decades to help with allergies, and JD Salinger was supposedly a fan of urine therapy as well.

Some would say that the jury is out when it comes to urine therapy, and to some degree that’s true, as there have been little to no published studies that analyze urine as a treatment for any disease. The important takeaway however is that Urine is a not a toxic waste expelled by the body, that my friend is feces. However, just because something is not toxic doesn’t mean you should consume it.

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