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Peek under the hoods at auto show for a glimpse of the future

The 2010 Canadian International Auto Show’s more than just new car models: many automakers are also using the cars on display to show off the latest in technology advancements.

Music is the main feature behind the 2011 Lincoln MKX’s new MyLincoln Touch. It’s a system of redesigned display screens, controls and voice commands, but especially interesting is iTunes Tagging. If you like a song that’s playing on the radio, hit a button to tag it. Dock your iPod and it downloads the information.

On the vehicle technology side is Mitsubishi’s Concept PX-MiEV. It contains a gasoline engine, electric motor and battery pack like a hybrid, but it’s capable of three propulsion methods. The PX-MiEV can be programmed to recharge itself during cheaper off-peak hours, and if the power goes out, the vehicle can even be used as a stationary generator to power household appliances.

For another look at the future, Mazda is showing its RX-8 Hydrogen RE. The regular RX-8 is the only car you can buy in Canada today with a rotary engine, a design that dates back to the 1950s. While all other internal combustion engines contain pistons that move up and down to produce power, the RX-8 uses spinning rotors. The Hydrogen RE goes one step further with a dual-fuel system that can burn either hydrogen, which results in a tailpipe emission of only water vapour, or gasoline, which is much easier to find at a station. The Hydrogen RE is currently being tested on public roads in Norway and Japan.

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