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‘Peep Show’ back in new episodes in November make everything better

Peep Show
Peep Show, with Robert Webb and David Mitchell as longtime mismatched friends, fir
Channel 4

Some of us are “Sherlock” fans, some of us “Downton Abbey” heads. The less optimistic of us get our imported British TV kicks with “Peep Show,” the bracingly withering and depressive odd couple comedy shot entirely from point-of-view shots (and with accompanying bitter spoken thoughts).

The show has never been more than a cult fave in the States, despite an aborted American version. (One can binge it on Netflix.) But to its avid followers and sickly re-watchers, the three years since the last series, it’s eighth, has been long. Things ended with uptight Mark (David Mitchell — again, not the novelist, nor the director of “It Follows”) and dim-witted Jez (Robert Webb) perhaps on the permanent outs, even though they were destined to fall back, as ever, into crippling co-dependency.

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It too seemed like the show might never return, until it was suddenly announced the ninth and (possibly?) last series was shooting in August. And lo and behold, thanks to a quick turnover, the first new episode will hit UK’s Channel 4 (and, for Americans, torrent sites) on November 11.

What to expect? The British Comedy Guide has a synopsis, if you’d like to be spoilered. But it’s safe to reveal that the two are still no longer roommates, and still no longer friends — at least until they’re brought back together by Matt King’s reliable reprobate Super Hans. Best of all, according to some Twitter stalking from Uproxx, we can see that Isy Suttie’s Dobby, Alan Paterson’s Johnson and even Sophie — played by Olivia Colman, who’s gone on to become a serious, award-winning actress since breaking through on the show — are all back in action.

Life may be all pain, rejection and gloom, and why do we even pretend that there’s anything other than a yawning blankness at the heart of — hey! New “Peep Show”! We are doing excellent TV watching.

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