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Peeps Oreos are turning people’s poop, tongues bright pink

National Oreo Cookie Day isn’t turning out so great for the popular dessert brand.

Reports are continuing to surface on social media that its limited edition Peeps flavoris turning people’s tongues and even poop brightpink.


The disturbing find was first reported in a product review byThe Junk Food Guy, followed by numerous complaints on social media. They varied from just saliva, to whole tongues and bowel movements. It wasn’t clear how many Oreos are required for these changes, but it reportedly seems to take more than one.

The cookies contain FD&C Red Number 3, an FDA-approved bright pink food coloring, an Oreo spokeswomantold BuzzFeed News.

Don’t eat peeps flavored Oreos guys… #peepsoreos #peepsoreo #pink

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“Certain foods can temporarily color the tongue and inside of the mouth. This is common with brightly colored products such as ice pops, gelatins and drink mixes, as well as with certain fruits and vegetables, including beets and cranberries,” Kimberly Fontes, the senior communications manager of Mondelēz International, said.

“Such foods can also temporarily color stool,” she added.

No, really, its that pink. #peepsoreos #oreo #nofilter

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