Pence infuriated his frat bros for letting dean know where they were hiding booze – Metro US

Pence infuriated his frat bros for letting dean know where they were hiding booze

Pence infuriated his frat bros for letting dean know where they were hiding

Vice President Mike Pence, who apparently was once a frat bro, once snitched on his brothers by telling the dean where they were hiding booze.

Dan Murphy, an old college buddy and frat brother of Pence at Hanover College’s Phi Gamma Delta chapter, shared a story with The Atlantic about the time Pence let a college administrator know where they were hiding their kegs. The story was part of a bigger profile piece about the now vice president of the United States.

Murphy, who now teaches history at Hanover College, told The Atlantic their fraternity house had everything ranging from the “evangelical-Christian crowd to some fairly hard-core drug users.” According to Murphy, he recalls Pence as being friendly and eventually was elected as president of the fraternity during his sophomore year.

The year Mike Pence was president of Phi Gamma Delta, the movie “Animal House” had recently hit the theaters and the fraternity brothers were always playing pranks on each other, throwing crazy parties and recreating their favorite scenes from the movie.

The private liberal arts college had a very strict no-alcohol policy but the frat house was always coming up with ways to smuggle in booze. Some of their tactics included a network of campus lookouts who probably relayed messages to each other.

One night, during a party that got a little out of hand, Pence and his frat brothers learned that the school dean was on his way to the house to shut the party down. Murphy told The Atlantic that Pence’s frat brothers rushed to hide the beer kegs and plastic cups, but Pence met the dean at the door.

The dean told Pence he knew about the keg at the party, according to Murphy.

Usually when something like this happens, one of the frat brothers will take the blame to avoid having the entire house get in trouble.

According to Murphy, Pence did something different. Instead of allowing one of his fraternity brothers claim the booze, Pence told the dean exactly where the kegs were located and also mentioned they belonged to their fraternity house causing everyone to get in trouble with the school.

“They really raked us over the coals,” Murphy told The Atlantic. “The whole house was locked down,” he added. 

Although some of his fraternity brothers were “furious” with Pence for snitching, he apparently remained on good terms with the school administration. In fact, Pence’s good rapport with Hanover College’s administration landed him a job in the school’s admissions office in 1981.

There has been no report on whether this now-famous snitch ended the night in need of stitches.