Pennsylvania online sports betting comparison FanDuel SugarHouse Rivers – Metro US

Pennsylvania online sports betting comparison FanDuel SugarHouse Rivers

Pennsylvania online sports betting comparison FanDuel SugarHouse

You never want to be one to leave money on the table.

So when the rare opportunity for free cash presents itself, you don’t need a Master’s Degree in Finance to realize that you should grab that green.

Online sportsbooks are quickly popping up across Pennsylvania and they are in a competition to get you to sign up. To entice prospective bettors, these books are all offering risk free match deposit bonuses – and in some cases, more.

But the odds are in the consumer’s favor right now – at least in these early stages in PA – as there are no rules against signing up with multiple sportsbooks. Why not get all of the free money you can?!

Here is a look at the Big 3 in PA right now and what they’re currently offering:



FanDuel has the largest risk free bet offer in PA right now at a whopping $500. If you lose the first bet that you make betting with FanDuel, they will refund your bet amount up to $500 in site credit.

You can take advantage of this exclusive offer through FanDuel and MetroBet by going to TinyURL.com/y665pabz.

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SugarHouse is offering up to $250 in free deposit match bonus money but what separates SH here is that you can get a free $50 VISA gift card by using our in-house MetroBet promo code. All you have to do is go to MetroBet.us/Sugar and enter promo code: METROBET

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Rivers is the sister casino to SugarHouse (SugarHouse will actually be changing its name to Rivers later this year) and offers the same $250 match deposit bonus. They have a tremendous NFL pick’em contest running for football season called $500,000 Pennsylvania pick’em where they have staggered payouts. It’s $125,000 for the first place winner, $40K to second place and $20K to third. Even if you just finish in the top 50 of the contest you’ll still win $1,000. There’s even a payout for “The Biggest Loser” as the person that has the most incorrect picks throughout the season will win $2,500. How’s that for a deal? Be horrible, win money!

To get the free cash through BetRivers and MetroBet, go to TinyURL.com/y6nb6q5o.


If you maximized all of these options, you could make the easiest $1,050 of your life without even having to win one bet!

You can always make a withdrawal from your account at anytime, too, if you go on a cold streak with your bets, or even if you come to the realization that sports betting just ain’t your thing.  

For instance, I recently opened an account at BetRivers through TinyURL.com/y6nb6q5o.

I initially deposited $50 and BetRivers matched my money by giving me a free $50. I had total of $100 to play with, won a few $5 bets here, lost a few $5 bets there and eventually wound up with $90 in my account after a few weeks.

I had a rather large cell phone bill this month (friggin’ data charges!) so I decided to cash out and use that free betting money to pay my phone bill. In essence, BetRivers paid for my stupidity of scrolling through Facebook at the beach!