Pennsylvania online sports betting Free money deposit match bonus - Metro US

Pennsylvania online sports betting Free money deposit match bonus

Pennsylvania online sports betting free money deposit match bonus

Signing up to collect up to $250 in deposit match money at MetroBet.us/Sugar is as easy as pie, but some bettors could run into some technical difficulties if it’s their first time visiting an online sportsbook. Fortunately, most of these snafus are easy to remedy.



You simply have to type MetroBet.us/Sugar into your browser. No need for the “www” prefix.


Geolocation plug-in

After signing up at MetroBet.us/Sugar your browser should automatically download the geolocation plug-in. This is simply to verify that you are betting within the state of Pennsylvania.

You may need to download the geolocation plug-in yourself at first.

If you are unsure if it downloaded or not, log out of your account and sign back in with your new user name and password.



You can deposit funds in the upper right hand corner of the page once you are logged in. There should be a tab that says, “Cashier.”

As for what method of payment to use, some users have run into issues when attempting to use credit cards. Do not get discouraged.

Online banking and wire transfer is 100 percent secure and both should work every time. Another 100 percent secure option is using the SugarHouse prepaid card. The SugarHouse prepaid card allows you to deposit to your SugarHouse account instantly. It also gives you faster access to withdrawals!


Promo code

Be sure to use the promo code METROBET when signing up at MetroBet.us/Sugar to receive your exclusive deposit match bonus of up to $250.

It’s important to note that $250 is the most money that will be matched. If you’re not ready to deposit that much money, no worries.

MetroBet.us/Sugar will match all smaller deposits. For instance, if you deposited $25 MetroBet.us/Sugar would give you $25. You would have a total of $50 to play with!

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