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People are saying Ivanka Trump has a doggy doppelgänger

Ivanka Trump doggie doppelgänger

Does Ivanka Trump have a doggy doppelganger? Apparently, Twitter thinks so.

A photo of a well-groomed dog is making rounds on Twitter because people think the dog resembles Donald Trump’s oldest daughter Ivanka Trump.

Twitter user @WitchPuppy first posted the photo of a Saluki dog and joked by saying the dog is an influencer on YouTube. The dog had its hair back in a ponytail and was wearing a fancy red choker necklace. Twitter believes this YouTube influencer-looking dog could be Ivanka Trump’s twin.

Most people went along with the joke and chimed in on what kind of influence the dog would be until one person proposed another idea.

Twitter user @mpnrd posted a photo of Ivanka Trump getting her hair and makeup done. The photo of her appears to be from a story by Allure magazine about Ms. Trump’s beauty preparation for the 2015 Met Gala. The story provided readers with an inside look of everything that went into Trump’s look for the big event. 

Both the “YouTube influencer” dog and Donald Trump’s oldest daughter both appear to have similar ponytail hairstyles.

At least one person felt the Saluki looked more like Paris Hilton.


Paris Hilton

While we don’t suspect people were making crude remarks about Ivanka Trump by saying she looks like a dog. We do believe people were trying to say if Ivanka Trump had a doggie doppelgänger, then this fabulous-looking Suluki with a ponytail would be the best pick. 

Does Ivanka Trump have a doggy doppelgänger?

We’ll let you be the judge of that. 

Ivanka Trump dog doppelgänger


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