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Pep rally all in good fun after food drive

A month’s worth of hard work culminated in an interesting and racy pep rally at Holy Trinity High School over the lunch hour Thursday.

Students at the Mill Woods school collected food items for the St. Theresa Parish Food Bank throughout March and as an added incentive, a few of the school’s teachers and coaches put their dignity on the line.

Many of the school’s 800 students gathered in the gym to watch their teachers get hit in the face with whipped-cream pies, get their legs and chests shaved and waxed, and even put on a drag show for the cheering masses.

“The kids really bought on and so did the teachers,” said Janna Kirkup, the fundraiser organizer and Holy Trinity teacher. “Our students brought in over 2,800 food items. Our goal was 2,400 and we surpassed that by 400 so we were quite pleased.”

Kirkup said the event was such a success that she plans on continuing it in years to come.

“You should have seen their faces (at St. Theresa Parish),” she said to the crowd of students.

“They were amazed by the amount of food we brought in.”

And with that, the students went wild.

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