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Perfect storm for potholes

With winter temperatures hitting both record highs and lows, potholes are already beginning to surface on city streets — even though we’re still in for another six weeks of winter.

Kelsey Strachan with the City of Calgary roads department said the pavement is “being attacked from two different angles,” with the frozen ground pushing upwards on the warming roads.

She said potholes can begin to form within a matter of hours when the ground begins to thaw, adding extreme temperature fluctuations don’t help.

Although Strachan said they perform emergency repairs for potholes that can’t wait, full-blown spring cleanup starts in April.

Roger Richard, manager of Associated Cabs, hopes the city follows through with its promise to fix potholes.

“Hopefully, they’ll look after the potholes better than they looked after the ice and the snow,” he said, adding his drivers have had some trouble with ice and snow buildup this winter.

Richard said because potholes are just starting to show up, he hasn’t seen any particular issues with vehicle damage yet.

“There’s no doubt that potholes are hard on the vehicle, but it’s to be expected after real cold weather,” he said.

Strachan said drivers should try to avoid potholes by safely switching lanes.

“If you do see a pothole, definitely call 3-1-1 and report it,” she said.

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