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PETA plans hunt protest at clock

A group of protesters are dressing up like “bloody baby seals” and rallying by the Olympic Countdown Clock in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery at 1 p.m. today.

The action is part of a campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to use the 2010 Vancouver Olympics to “shame” Canada into banning the annual hunt.

“As the world turns its attention to the Vancouver Games, millions will also focus on Canada’s shame,” said PETA executive vice-president Tracy Reiman.

“If the Vancouver Organizing Committee wants to present a positive image of Canada to the world, it needs to call for an end to the universally condemned seal slaughter.”

On Feb. 18, PETA released a “seal slaughter Olympic logo.” The image is a parody of the Vancouver 2010’s smiling inukshuk emblem. It features a snarling Ilanaaq with a hakapik raised over a baby seal and bloodied ice.

Vancouver 2010 is written under the emblem and above the Olympic rings, one of which drips blood.

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