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‘Peter Pan’: Simply darling

With the help of some pretty slick special effects and impressive aerialist work, Peter, Tinker and the Darling children soar to new heights as they journey across London to the land of the Lost Boys.

Expect lots of oohs and ahs from the gasping crowd as the in-flight ensemble tumbles, flips and displays incredible feats of athleticism along the way.

Emily Yetter earns her spot as crowd favorite by making it look so flipping easy to fly without wings and communicate without words in her delightful portrayal of Tinker Bell. And though Chuck Bradley isn’t exactly the physical embodiment of Peter, his gushing, childlike enthusiasm is perfect for the part.

The other huge crowd pleaser is the Darling family nurse Nana, a seemingly simple but lovable old girl manipulated masterfully by puppeteer Joshua Holden.

Unlike its Disneyfied counterpart, this “Peter Pan” doesn’t shy away from the dark side of author J. M. Barrie’s tale: The kids are missing for a long period of time, they narrowly escape death at the hands of pirates and mermaids, they nearly drown Michael and Captain Hook slits a throat. And let’s not forget the little strip tease by the sexy Tiger Lily (Heidi Buehler).

This “Peter Pan” has something for everybody. But a big part of its magic is watching the faces of the kids in the audience as they take in the impressive spectacle.

A 360-degree experience

“Peter Pan” is performed in the round in a 1,300-seat theater within a tent that is lit with more than 15,000 square feet of high-resolution video. Twelve projectors and 10 million pixels create the world’s first 360-degree projected movie for live theater. This is the largest surround CGI venue in the world.

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