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Pets mean the world to their owners: Vet

A Toronto veterinarian, who once instinctively jumped into an icy pool to rescue his three-month-old pug, says most owners will do anything to save their pets, even put their own lives in peril.

“I do believe it’s not an exception, but the norm,” said Sheldon Jafine of Willowdale Animal Hospital.

“Most people react the same way they would for their children — almost unconsciously. Pets mean the world to their owners.”

Bob Campbell, 64, was killed Monday while trying to save his two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who had run into the path of an approaching train.

“I’m sure he didn’t think he was going to get hit by the train, but his first instinct was to get the dogs off the tracks,” said Jafine, who has been treating animals for 26 years.

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