Nicholas Glenn, 25, of West Philadelphia, from an earlier mug shot.

Philadelphia Police

Two lawmen remain hospitalized in the wake of a gunman's rampage that left one person dead and a fe others wounded.


The gunman was shot and killed by police after ambushing a Philadelphia police sergeant late Friday night. The suspect wounded five other people, including a University of Pennsylvania police officer during the shooting spree.


The person who died was identified by the Inquirer as Sara Salih, a 25-year-old student at Community College of Philadelphia who was in a car outside her home at the time she was shot in the chest.


The suspect was identified by police as Nicholas Glenn, 25, of West Philadelphia, who police said had written a manifesto entitled "Doomed."


Police Commissioner Richard Ross told reporters that officers found a “rambling” letter allegedly written by the gunman, expressing hatred toward police, but "mostly talking about himself,"according to NBC Philadelphia.


He added that investigators did not have any reason to believe that the gunman had any religious beliefs that drove him to commit the shootings.

The rampage occurred just before 11:30 p.m. along a few blocks near 48th and Sansom streets

Sgt. Sylvia Young, 46, was sitting in her cruiser at 52nd and Sansom when the gunman approached and began firing without saying a word. Young, trapped, reportedly leaned to the passenger side seat until the firing stopped. After about 15 shots, Young was struck in the arm and in her protective vest a total of eight times, police said.

Other officers who heard the shots responded to the scene and chased the man, who continued to shoot people during the chase.

Near 51st and Sanson, the man fired into a bar, wounding a security guard. He then took a woman as a human shield before shooting her in the leg, according to police. Moments later, the suspect ran by a white car, firing into it and killing Salih and critically injuring another man.

It was then that police cornered the man in an alley, where he was shot and killed, police said. University of Pennsyvlania police officer Eddie Miller joined in the chase and was shot twice during the confrontation. He also remains hospitalized.

Officers patrolled in pairs in the wake of the attack, the commissioner said.

"Thank you for what you do for us every day, and please, please, please, every shift, please wear your vest," Mayor Jim Kenney wrote in a statement praising officers. "They will save your life, as we saw tonight."

The weapon recovered by police had an "obliterated" serial number, Ross said, noting his department would work with the ATF to track its source.

Additional reporting by Sam Newhouse