the Titan Games

The Titan Games is The Rock's new show on NBC PHOTO: Vivian Zink/ NBC

Dwayne the Rock Johnson's new show on NBC, the Titan Games challenges contenders to be the very best they can be with a series of intense challenges. Now Philly is getting some representation on the show. 29-year-old Melody Schofield who's hometown is the City of Brotherly Love will be on the Titan Games tomorrow night (Jan. 24) at 8 p.m. 

Philly native Melody Schofield will be on Dwayne Johnson's new show the Titan Games

The Titan Games premiered just a few short weeks ago and already the competition series is a hit. The Rock offers exceptional men and women the chance to challenge themselves with extreme tests of strength, endurance and mental fortitude. 

The official website reads "Inspired by Johnson’s desire to motivate global audiences to reach their potential for greatness, this unparalleled new athletic competition gives everyday men and women across the country the opportunity to step inside the Titan arena and achieve the impossible." 

The contenders compete in head-to-head challenges with the winners moving on to the final challenge- Mount Olympus. Those who prove to be victorious on Mount Olympus are deemed true Titans and the grand prize of $100,000. 


the Titan Games

Philly native Melody Schofield will test her strength and vie for the coveted Titan spot atop Mount Olympus tomorrow night on her episode of the Titan Games. Ironically enough, Schofield has received the nickname "The Pebble" for her resemblance to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Now the Pebble will meet the Rock during her own run on the popular NBC series. 

Schofield knows what it means to overcome obstacles. The 29-year-old has suffered from Alcoholism throughout her life, and instead of allowing the disease to overcome her she instead took matters into her own hands and has been sober since August 2015. Schofield who still lives in the City of Brotherly Love is also now a Certified Recovery Specialist. 

Will Philly native Melody Schofield become a Titan? Tune in tomorrow night at 8 p.m. on NBC to find out. Or you can also stream new episodes on Hulu

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