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Will regular riders need to buy a special Pope Pass to ride Septa trains on Monday, Sept. 28? SEPTA's website says we will not, but many reports say we will. Which is right? Will we be able to get to work on the Monday after the papal visit? Should regular riders worry about being able to get to and from work on Friday, Sept. 25?


SEPTA:Riders are not required to buy a Papal Visit pass to ride trains on Monday, Sept. 28. Both Regional Rail and transit riders may use regular fare instruments, although those who purchased the Three-Day Transit Papal Pass to ride SEPTA, buses, trolley and subway trains will also be able to use their special pass for one last day. As we get closer to the event, we’ll will provide further details at septa.org regarding how preparations for the Papal Visit will impact service starting with some bus detours on Wednesday, Sept. 23, and stations closures starting at 10 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 24, and continuing on Friday, Sept. 25. We also anticipate that Regional Rail service levels will be adjusted on Friday, as well as on Monday when trains will be out of position due to the residual effect of the late night train service on Sunday night.


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How does SEPTA plan to reimburse regional rail riders that purchase a monthly September TrailPass and/or weekly TrailPass for the week of Sept. 21 as they will be unusable for regional rail service during the Papal visit on Saturday, Sept. 26 and Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015 due to the mandated, yet limited, Papal Passes?


SEPTA: Given the excitement and the expected attendance to Papal Visit, special service modifications have been developed and SEPTA recognizes that these changes may interfere with normal travel. Due to the impact these service adjustments may have on existing customers, SEPTA will offer a credit toward a future pass for those who have purchased September monthly passes, and those who will buy weekly passes that include the weekend of Sept. 26-27. Credits that will be available for passholders are as follows:


Those who have purchased monthly TrailPasses or TransPasses for September will be eligible to receive a $5 one-time credit on the purchase of an October, November or December monthly pass.

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Weekly TransPass customers who purchased the Sept. 21, weekly pass will be eligible to receive a $2 credit. Those with Sept. 21, weekly TrailPasses from all zones can receive a $10 credit. These one-time credits for weekly passes can be applied to a week of the customer’s choosing through the end of December.

Customers must turn in their old passes when purchasing the monthly or weekly pass for which they want the credit applied, so those who want to receive the credit are reminded to hold onto their old pass.