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Car of murdered Mt. Airy senior recovered

Police believe robbery was the motive for the murder of an 85-year-old woman.
A Philadelphia police car, not related to this case.Metro file photo

Police discovered the vehicle of an 85-year-old murder victim dumped six miles from her East Mt. Airy home Tuesday, but as of press-time had made no arrests.

Regina Brunner, 85, was found by her son beaten and with her throat slashed on Monday morning, in her bed in her home on the 300 block of East Roumfort Road.

Police believe she may have been killed in a robbery. Her ATM card was used twice on Sunday, NBC reported.

There were no signs of forced entry to the home, reports say, and the home’s interior was untouched.

Brunner’s car, a 2007 Toyota Corolla, was discovered Tuesday by two rookie cops on their second unsupervised shift on North Stillman Street near Allegheny Avenue

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