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Clinton makes pitch to millennials at Temple University

Tightening polls indicate Pennsylvania has emerged as a key battleground state.

Hillary Clinton took her campaign pitch to Philadelphia college students during a speech Monday at Temple University intended to increase her appeal among millennial voters.

Clinton, who has for decades been criticized as "cold," seemed like she was striving to present an appealing maternal side to the college audience at some points.

"More than any previous generation, you understand that all these various challenges are intersecting, and we must take them on together," she told the students. "No one will work harder to make your life better. I will never stop, no matter how hard it gets."

Clinton went on to promise to take a stab at helping students refinance their loans. She also vowed to support her former opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders' plan for tuiton-free college for low-income residents.


In attacking Donald Trump, Clinton described him as "a Republican nominee who incites hatred and violence like no one else we’ve seen," under whom "hate speech [is] being normalized.

"Despite this, I remain convinced America’s best days remain ahead of us," she said. "I will never be the showman my opponent is, and you know what, that's ok with me.To any voter who is still undecided, I ask you to give us both a fair hearing."

The Clinton campaign is stepping up efforts against Trump statewide as polls show an increasingly close race between Trump and Clinton for Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes.

While polls shortly after the Democratic National Convention in Philly projected a 10-point lead for Clinton in the state, the most recent polls show that lead cut in half.

The campaign is hosting events aimed at military and veterans families around the state this week, including on Tuesday in Pittsburgh, and on Thursday and Saturday in Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, Trump is visiting Pittsburgh Thursday to speak to attendees at the national Shale Insight Conferenceand Chester Township later on that evening.

Clinton is getting some backup around the state from Katie McGinty's campaign to topple Republican U.S. Senator Pat Toomey this fall. McGinty will campaign at the United Steelworkers Union Hallin Bethlehem, Pa. on Tuesday.

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