It took a lacrosse stick and a determined resident to wrangle an alligator spotted on a Montgomery County street Thursday.


The 2-foot long baby alligator was caught wandering around a Collegeville neighborhood at about 8:45 a.m. Thursday in the 200 block of Freeland Drive, according to


A local resident called police, but by the time an officer arrived, the son of the woman who called authorities had nabbed the gator with a lacrosse stick and placed it in a small dog crate. The reptile was then turned over the animal control, reported.


"This is the first alligator ever in 24 years of police work," Police Officer Matt Cubbler, who was at the scene, told the website. "Maybe in the history of Collegeville."


He believes the alligator may have been released into nearby Perkiomen Creek. According to his department, it’s illegal to not only release an alligator, but also to own one.