This would have been awesome.

Oh man. We were all so excited. The world's largest rubber duck was going to grace the nation's fifth largest city.

And really, we needed this. The Phillies are historically terrible. The Sixers? Ugh. It rained SO much in May. We had something we could believe in. It was yellow, large, and known only as Mama.

And sure, there were warning signs. A few weeks ago, the organizers of the Tall Ships Festival wanted to inflate a 10-foot tall baby duck named Rocky for a photo op. But they had trouble. But we ignored that. Our hearts got in the way of our heads.

Don't even get us started on the long lines to tour the ships and the even longer lines to ride the RiverLink Ferry to see the ships moored on that side.


When city residents discovered that Mama Duck wasn't available for our viewing pleasure -- a fact many people didn't discover until after they paid for admission -- there was anger, and some of that anger was funny.

On Facebook, one commenter noted that the Mama Duck was "killed in Camden."

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