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Ebola scare in NJ? Officials say not so fast

Reports say man hospitalized with very high fever after trip to Africa

The New Jersey Department of Health say there is no Ebola in Lakewood, NJ.

Several news agencies reported that a person in New Jersey has been hospitalized late Tuesday or early Wednesday with "Ebola-like" symptoms after a trip to Africa.

But a spokeswoman for the New Jersey Department of Public Health says the man had travelled to a country where Ebola was not prevalent.

Officials have diagnosed the man with a "travel-related" illness. They aren't saying what it is for reasons of patient confidentiality.

The patient, according to reports, was taken to a local hospital with a fever of 105-degrees and vomiting. He had been in Nigeria less than one month ago.

Several of the news agencies reporting on the incident note that the symptoms could cover other diseases besides Ebola.

The Asbury Park Press reports thatNew Jersey State Police and the Berkeley Emergency Response Team have responded to the condominium where the patient lived in Lakewood, NJ.

A spokesman for the New Jersey State Police did not confirm the incident is related to Ebola.

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