Philly cops are probing kidnap, beating, and riobbery of jewelry store worker.


Philadelphia cops on Monday were hunting for a trio of thieves who they say kidnapped, robbed, and brutalized a Center City jewelry store worker on Saturday.

The Inquirer is reporting :

The 53-year-old woman had left the store on the 100 block of South Eighth Street around 4 p.m. and walked to a garage at 733 Chestnut St., where she had parked. She said she noticed a graffiti-smeared, burgundy older model Ford Econoline across from her car.

Three men in dark clothes and ski masks jumped out of the cargo van and pulled her inside, police said. She said the men demanded she hand over the keys to the jewelry store and the codes to the safe, which she did not know. They then put a hood over her head and terrorized her, police said.


The suspects zip tied her wrists and ankles and dumped her in a Darby Borough cemetery in Delaware County but before heinous abuse, cops said.

The heartless thieves punched, kicked and tased the woman seven times, the Inquirer said, demanding her ATM pin.

Cops said they took her bag, house keys, phone, and $200 in cash.

The victim suffered a black eye, concussion, and multiple bruises and scratches.

The perps were black men in dark pants and hoodies. The Inquirer reported that the 20-something driver stood 6’3”, was muscular and had on a ski mask and shades. The other The second perp is six-feet tall and of thin build, also wearing a ski mask and sunglasses. The third was 5’5” and chubby.

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