The IRS recently released the business driving mileage rate for the new year which is a whopping 54 cents per mile, or on average $900 per month.


According to a new report from Runzheimer, the company that provides data on this subject to the IRS, Philadelphia is the second most expensive city for business driverswith an average monthly cost of $929.17.


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Detroit was the most expensive at an average cost of $1,307.75.


“From fuel rates to insurance to taxes, an assortment of variables impact how much it costs to maintain a vehicle — and each is dependent on the driver’s city and state,” Runzheimer explained in a release. “An organization that fails to account for these local factors could be drastically over- or undercompensating their road warrior employees.”


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If you’re a business driver in Philly, perhaps it’s time to bring this information to your employer.

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