Michael Grant, known as Philly Jesus, was arrested on May 2 in the Walnut Street AInstagram / @PhillyJesus

Accused oftrespassing and disorderly conduct after allegedly refusing to leave the Apple Store on Walnut Street,Philly Jesus heads to court Wednesday for what he's calling "bogus charges."


"The son of man will triumph over these bogus charges," Michael Grant, known as Philly Jesus, told NBC10. "They said I was trespassing in the Apple Store but the thing is they were trespassing against me.But I forgive them for they know not what they do. For the righteous shall be prosecuted."


In an Instagram post timestampedTuesday night, Grant said he is innocent and plans to plead not guilty.


Grant, who dresses as the carpenter-turned-messiah and carries a giant cross, was arrested on May 2 and charged with defiant trespassing and disorderly conduct after the Apple Store manager asked him to leave and he refused, Philadelphia police confirmed.


He spent the night behind bars and was released in the morning.


In a Facebook post published later that week, Grant gave his official statement on the matter, defending his innocence:

I walked into the Apple store to use their email and charge my phone..just as I had done countless other times these past two years...An employee took offense to my clothing and my appearance as Philly Jesus and demanded that I leave based on those grounds alone.

[...] I did nothing to cause a disruption whatsoever...When confronted..I was polite and diplomatic..and calmly and peacefully said.."No..I know my rights...I have a right to be in here just as everyone does.

Grant went on to say that there was no mention of his cross being an obstruction, but Apple Store employees never asked him to move the cross outside — which Grant said he would have done.

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