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Philly restaurants, grocery stores shut down for health violations

The Philadelphia Health Department has temporarily closed local eateries in the last two weeks for health violations, according to reports.

Mouse droppings were amoung the violations cited by the health department.


A number of restaurants, grocery stores and food stands have reportedly been shut down in recent weeks after the Philadelphia health department found a number of violations.

The eateries were asked to temporarily close their doors so they could address the violations, which included "mouse droppings, lack of running water, and an absence of a food safety certified person,"Philly.com reported.

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At least 18establishments were ordered closed between April 18 and Tuesday, though most of them reopened within a day, according to the report.

Among the spots cited were Auntie Anne's on Franklin Mills Circle; Cruz Grocery on South 52nd Street; Saxbys Coffee at Temple University; and Great Wall Seafood Market on North 10th Street.