Philly schools on par to stay open for Friday snow

With flurries in the forecast this weekend, Philly public schools slated to stay open Friday.
Sam Newhouse

So far, Philly public schools are on track to stay open Friday as this weekend looks ahead to snowfall.


Philadelphia School District spokesman Fernando Gallard said schools close when officials believe it’s necessary due to the forecast calling for threats of inclement weather affecting the conditions of streets and sidewalks.


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In general, when deciding whether to close schools, the school district treats the city as a whole, not singling out one neighborhood over another, Gallard said.


“There have been situations that were specific to one school or neighborhood, for example, when there is a water main break, lets say, that might flood a number of facilities. That occurs not very often, but in regards to inclement weather, we looks at the whole district,” Gallard said.

Rate and speed of snow removal in and around schools also doesn’t play a factor in school closings, so don’t expect your plow guy putting the pedal to the metal will get your kids out of bed any quicker.

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