Bruce Springsteen may be from New Jersey but the passion Philly fans have for The Boss make him an honorary Philadelphian. Playing our fair city since the early days of his career, Springsteen has a lot of love for Philly, too. He performed two shows here this week at Citizens Bank Park and even broke his own record for the longest concert in the U.S. at Wednesday night’s show — clocking in at four hours and four minutes according to his website.

Friday night’s concert was just as exhilarating.

Local Philly musician Jason Gooch was in attendance and commended Springsteen for his interaction with both fans as well as members of the E Street band.

“I watched The Boss give the spotlight to everyone on stage including fans he brought on to sing songs, play guitar and dance with E Street members," says Gooch, 34. "Bruce doesn't work the crowd or run through the aisles with security keeping fans from touching him. There is a beautiful interaction that Bruce has with his fans and he truly respects them and his fellow musicians.”


Toni Pirrone, a 58-year-old executive assistant from Philadelphia, went to the show on her own.

“I'm an avid concertgoer and this was the first time I've ever attended a show unaccompanied. It didn't matter. Everybody else just faded away when he took the stage. We were all of one mind. Spectacular night to be in South Philadelphia.”

Debbi Calton, midday DJ at classic rock station WMGK, has been seeing Bruce perform since the early 1970s and has enjoyed following his career evolve from a “scrappy musical poet” to the massive, down-to-earth star he is today.

She says, “I love the way Bruce makes people feel about themselves and others. He makes you happy. You cheer for the kid he brings up on stage. You share a rapport with the guy dancing like crazy next to you. And good Lord — the man is still sexy at almost 67!”

Did you see Bruce perform last week? Check out our photo gallery by Charles Mostoller.