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Pit-bull Dominic, 2, in custody after mangling Philly boy's left arm

Seemingly loveable pooch adopted on Monday, attacked family on Wednesday

The local ABC affiliate in Philly had video of Dom on 6ABC.com.

6ABC Philly

Oh Dominic!

An 11-year-old boy is facing multiple reconstructive surgeries after his family’s seemingly loveable new pit-bull went berserk and mangled the boy’s left arm.

Dominic, 2, was adopted Monday. On Wednesday, inside a Northeast Philly apartment on Lansford Street near Eden, he attacked.

Dom bit the boy, his 33-year-old mom and 10-year-old sister.’


The kids fled and mom reported locked herself in the bathroom.

All three had skin ripped from their left arms, with the boy’s wounds by far the worst. All three were initially treated at Aria Torresdale. Mom and daughter were released but the boy on Thursday was in Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Dominic is in custody with Animal Care and Control Team, which okayed the adoption Monday because the pooch had such a good disposition.

The mom’s boyfriend, Brian Brennan, identified the victims for local ABC as 33-year-old Nicole Keppol and her children Chris and Haley Crowe.

"It's just crazy, and I guess it happened so fast - I got here as quick as I can and everybody was hysterical," said Brennan.

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