A driver holds a sign reading "UberX is killing us" during a December 2015 protestCharles Mostoller

Gripes from cabbies and medallion owners that Uber and Lyft are killing their businesses are confirmed by a look at the numbers, a new report states.

Business has fallen from one million traditional cab rides in October 2014, the month that UberX made its auspicious, illegal debut in Philadelphia, to around 600,000 in July 2016, Newsworks reported.

Lyft started operations in Philly just a few months later.

Despite protests that shut down Center Cityandlawsuits, Uber and Lyft have proven unstoppable, with legislators in Harrisburg reaching a deal in May that would legalize the services in Philadelphia.


In July, Uber reached a much-publicized agreement with the Philadelphia Parking Authority, which regulates local cabs, to get treated as legal operators through September 30.

Legislators return to Harrisburg for the fall session on Sept. 26 and are expected to quickly pass the legislation legalizing taxi apps like Uber and Lyft.