News choppers took dramatic video of the Montgomery County bus crash.

Twitter, CBS

A school bus driver says he “blacked out” Tuesday morning -- and when he came to the bus was inside a Montco home.

Nine kids were on board the bus and all got out relatively unharmed, but with a story to tell.

News choppers above the scene oj Windermere Drive in Whitpain Township caught dramatic aerials of what could have been far worse.

Neighbors described initial chaos after the bus barreled into the home at 8 a.m.


"One of the girls was smart enough -- she opened the back of the bus and told all the kids, you know, 'Get out! Get out!'" Adam Glazer told

Craig Kelman, another neighbor, ran into the bus and turned the ignition off.

He told NBC: "My wife called 911 and I just ran over and the back door was open and so just instinct, I jumped into the back of the bus to make sure there were no children in there. It was just full of exhaust and I reached for the keys and I shut the bus off and I just got out of there."

The nine students were K thru 8 classmates from St. Helena School in Blue Bell, Pa.

The driver, reported to be 58, was taken to hospital and one boy reportedly had a bloody nose.A person inside the home was not injured. The house? Not so lucky.

"The driver was absolutely lethargic," Kelman told NBC. " He had no recollection whatsoever. He said he completely blacked out.... But the first concern the driver had is he asked, 'Are all the children okay?'"

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