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The Pearl Street Project Splash Painting Session

Led by painter, Jaiya Bhandari, the event is part of an ongoing series to beautify the alley next to the Asian Arts Initiative.

The Asian Arts Initiative is dedicated to empowering communities through art. Their arts facility in Chinatown showcases the work of visual, performance and experiential art that expresses the Asian and Asian-American experience.

In 2013, the Pearl Street Project was launched to help spruce up the Pearl Street alley next to their headquarters. Through Pearl Street Micro-Projects, the Asian Art Initiative disperses grants up to $1,000 to local artists to lead a community art project on Pearl Street.

On Saturday, Aug. 27 and Friday, Sept. 2, painter Jaiya Bhandari led a splash painting session inspired by Holi, a Hindu festival celebrated in India and Nepal. Also known as the festival of colors, components of the festivities include people splashing each other with colored powder and water in the streets in celebration of spring.

Participants threw, sprayed and flicked paint onto the Pearl Street Gallery door this past week and included guests from a nearby homeless shelter — the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission.


To find out about other Asian Arts Initiative events and how you can get involved, visit: asianartsinitiative.org.

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