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WATCH: Trump grabs a cheesesteak at Geno's

A decade ago the famous Philly cheesesteak joint put up a sign demanding that customers order in English.

It may not be clear what way Pennsylvania will swing in the upcoming presidential election, by Donald Trump as clearly made his choice when it comes to Philadelphia’s most famous dish.

The Republican candidate, in town for a rally atSun Center Studios inChester Township, Delaware CountyThursday night, reportedly stopped by the famous cheesesteak spot Geno's in South Philly that afternoon.

As reported by Philly.com, the adventure was of course captured on video and posted on social media.

Trump at Geno's

A video posted by Danielle Olivieri 👑🍣😺🐟 (@steakprincess) on

"I'll tell you what I'll do, I'll give you a piece," Trump said, when asked by reporters if he was going to have a cheesesteak.

The choice of Geno’s, as Philly.com points out, may not be surprising, given the history of both the eatery and Trump. A decade ago, late owner Joey Ventoput up a sign requiring that customers order in English.

Trump @genos

A video posted by Danielle Olivieri 👑🍣😺🐟 (@steakprincess) on

Hand shake for a vote That's my hand. Told him shake my hand for my Florida vote #trump

A video posted by Danielle Olivieri 👑🍣😺🐟 (@steakprincess) on

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