Just because September is here doesn’t mean the weather is any cooler. UberEATS gets that. Today, to help Philly cool off a little, they’re giving out free ice cream from Capogiro (okay — technically it’s gelato!) via the UberEATS app.


Between 11 p.m. and 3 p.m. today, request “Ice Cream” through the UberEATS app and receive two pints of Capgiro’s Car-amel Stracciatella or Chocolate Coupe. (See what they did there?)


Quantities are limited, so request ASAP. Also, this is no ordinary ice cream — Capogiro was named the #1 place in the entire world to get ice cream, folks.


You can download the UberEATS app here.


Fun fact: They swung by Metro offices first and we are enjoying a mid-morning sugar rush a little too much.