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While Mayor Michael Nutter tweeted his support for Uber/Lyft services in Philadelphia today, the Philadelphia Parking Authority has vowed to continue cracking down on the ride-sharing service.

UberX launched in Philadelphia on Friday -- leading to at least five stings of Uber drivers over the weekend, BillyPenn reported.

Five riders were fined $1,000 and had their vehicles impounded. UberX was reportedly fined $1,000 for each riders caught in violation of state laws.

However, Uber is reportedly not stopping operations in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, the PPA has vowed to continue impounding Uber vehicles if they locate them.


Uber and the PPA did not respond immediately to requests for comment.

But Mayor Nutter made his thoughts on the subject known through Twitter.

"Facts: I strongly support having Uber/Lyft services in Philly. The PPA, a STATE authority not run by the City, opposes them," Nutter tweeted."I've told Uber/Lyft they must operate LEGALLY in Phila, but #PPA is blocking them."

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