Mayor Jim Kenney celebrated his birthday this week in a rather untraditional manner: Reading mean things people on the internet have said about him.


While we prefer to be showered in compliments to distract from impending old age, it seems self-loathing is Kenney's schtick.


"Philly mayor you sucks #MakeAmericaGreatAgain," said one tweet.


"How did I know it was coming from that hashtag," Kenney quipped about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's campaign slogan.


The video, posted to YouTube Tuesday, is styled after Jimmy Kimmel's famous late-night sketchMean Tweetsthat has featured athletes, celebrities and even President Barack Obama.


The two-minute bit used some of the meanest tweets sent to the mayor's @PhillyMayor and @JimFKenney accounts.

"@PhillyMayor it usually takes years to become a city's worst mayor. You did it in 4 days...must be some kind of record," read another tweet.

On YouTube, the video's only, and rather succinct, comment says: "loser drunk"