Villanova has been traveling a lot lately.


They spent a weekend in Brooklyn, another in Louisville and the last five days in Houston.


They left the Main Line last week as a college basketball team.


They came back as legends.


The Wildcats won their second National Championship 77-74 over North Carolina Monday night, and stepped foot on the Villanova campus for the first time Monday afternoon. They received a warm, hero's welcome on a chilly April day as thousands of fans, alum, students and quite a few kids welcomed the team at Villanova stadium.


"I couldn't have asked for a better way to go out, Nova Nation, National Champions, "senior Daniel Ochefu said.

The team paused to take a picture for twitter -- with their hoards of fans behind them. But not before the loudest cheer of the afternoon went out for Kris Jenkins, who drilled the game-winning 3-pointer to clinch the title.

"It's been an honor to be a part of the team," the junior said, "with these great guys and this great coaching staff. This is something they'll never ever be able to take away from us."