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Vote to name Philly Zoo’s baby gorilla

No, Harambe is not an option.
The Philadelphia Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo wants the public to decide the name of its newest baby girl,a western lowland gorilla born last month.

The zoo opened up voting in an online poll, where the public can select one of four names, which were chosen to honor rescued gorillas orphaned by poaching:

  • Amani(ah-MAH-nee): Means "peace"
  • Muyisa(moo-YEE-sah): Means "luck"
  • Mapendo(ma-PEN-doh): Means “great love”
  • Isangi(eee-SANG-ghee): Name of a village in Congo where a gorilla of the same name was rescued.

​Votes can be cast by making a donation. Each dollar counts as one vote, and multiple votes can be cast by making larger donations. Contributors wil also be entered to win a zoo prize package that includes membership and gift certificates.

The zoo is accepting votes until 4 p.m. Thrusday.


All proceeds benefit the Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center (GRACE) in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which works with orphaned gorillas. The Philly Zoo will also match donations up to $10,000.

The baby gorilla and her mother, 22-year-old Honi, are currently on exhibit with the rest of the Philly Zoo's troop at the PECO Primate Reserve. She was born on Aug. 26, but her gender was unknown until earlier this weekbecause Honi was holding her baby too close for zookeepers and staff to see.

"Honi is in constant contact with the infant confidently cradling, cuddling and carrying her 24 hours a day," Philly Zoo staff wrote in a blog post Tuesday."Dad Motuba is sticking close by to guard and protect the family, a role that male gorillas typically play in the group dynamic."

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