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Woman used cancer charity for fraud: D.A.

The funds came in through a cancer charity but were denied from the family of the patient.
Traci Small KratzerProvided

Traci Small Kratzer was formally charged Tuesday with stealing more than $8,000 from an online charity fundraiser that was intended to go the family of a local man fighting cancer.

Kratzer created a fundraiser on youcaring.com to benefit local man Jay Henson, of East Norriton, who has pancreatic cancer-- but his wife later told police she never gave permission for the Kratzer to set up the site, according to Montgomery County D.A. Risa Vetri Ferman.

The charity was linked to Kratzer's bank account and received more than 90 donations worth more than $10,000 since May. Bank records show all of the funds were gone by July, with much spent at stores like Target, Toys R Us, McDonald’s, Rite Aid and Sunoco, prosecutors say.

Kratzer had told the family she only received two checks worth $970 each and used various excuses todenygivingthem access to the fundraising account, the D.A. said.

The family has since started an officialfundraiser at myjaybird.com.

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