The Phillies continue to slip in the standings.Getty Images

According to Baseball Prospectus, Sports Illustrated and just about every other pundit, the Phillies have a great shot at the worst record in baseball this season.The payoff is the first overall pick in the 2016 draft.

Who are the early front runners for the top selection next season?

It’s incredibly premature, but a pitcher and a hitter are who pundits believe will be among the first selected in 2016. Riley Pint, a 6-foot-4 flamethrower out of Kansas has been flat out dominant at the high school level. Pint hit 98 mph on the gun and throws nasty curveballs at 87 mph. Pint’s velosity and smarts impress.

Blake Rutherford is a toolsy prep star from California. The speedy and powerful centerfielder is plus everything and is compared to the Twins top prospect Nick Gordon. These are the sort of consolation prizes the Phillies can draft if everything goes wrong this season.

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