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PHOTO: Photographer captures rhino at perfect moment

This rhinoceros looks like it is wearing a wig and a mustache in its reflection as it stands at the edge of a watering hole. The female white rhino has come to the pool in the African savanna with her calf for an evening drink. Amateur photographer Japie Maritz took this snap at a South African game reserve.

“The shot was inspired by the horrible way in which these animals are being poached. In the reflection it looked like the poor rhino is wearing a disguise to escape the poachers,” saysJapie Maritz, 54, barrister and amateurphotographer from Pretoria, South Africa.

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Maritz was on a guided game drive when he spotted the rhinoceros having a drink by the watering hole. “While watching them, I noticed the reflections and the possible shot,” said the photographer. “I waited for about an hour for one to move into the correct position, and took the shot. The rhinos were fully aware of my presence throughout the event.”

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