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PHOTO: Seal rides on a humpback whale

It’s another day and another amazing nature photograph has bubbled up to the top of the Internet. Today it’s the amazing photo of a seal riding on a whale.

Photographer Robyn Malcom captured the moment while out whale watching off the coast of New South Wales, Australia.

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“We’d seen some amazing whales coming out of the water, everything was happening so quickly.” Malcolm told the Sydney Morning Herald. “And it was when I went back through the photos that I realized I had actually captured the seal on top of the whale.”

The icident has been described as extermely rare and could only be recalled as happening once before by a whale expert interviewed by the Herald.

“The only other time was a seal trying to get away from a killer whale … the seal hopped on the back of the pectoral fins of a humpback whale,”

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Malcolm has been accused of photoshopping the image. He however claims that he has no idea how to do that.

“I’m positive, because I don’t know how to use PhotoShop. And I do still have it on the camera so I can prove it.”

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