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PHOTOS: Adorable chihuahua born with two legs gets 3D-printed wheelchair

Meet TurboRoo, the adorable chihuahua that was born with only his two hind legs. The pooch was adopted as a 6-month puppy by Ashley Looper, a veterinarian in Indianapolis, USA, who was keen for him to move around like other dogs. After trying out some makeshift mobility units, Looper and her partner Ray Hurt set up a campaign to pay for a set of specially-made wheels. The result is a set of bespoke harnesses and wheels created using 3D-printing technology.

Metro catches up with TurboRoo’s owners, Ashley Looper and Andy Ray Hurt to learn about the dog’s story.

Metro: What is the story of TurboRoo?

TurboRoo was surrendered at a veterinary clinic in downtown Indianapolis by a breeder who knew that the dog needed more love than what she could give because she also had to focus on Turbo’s brothers, sister & his mom. He then was fostered by me (Ashley Looper). Sitting at work one day a couple of employees and I decided Turbo needed a cart way before the age of six months old, which is the earliest cart companies will fit a dog.

How did you go about to create the special wheels for TurboRoo?

After seeing TurboRoo’s story all over the internet an aerospace engineer decided to create a design for a cart using a 3D printer that would actually work for TurboRoo. Within a week Mark Deadrick emailed and told us he had built a cart for us to try it out and give him some feedback! Currently we are on version 10 of the specially-made carts.

And how is TurboRoo?

He is a ball of energy! He loves play with his brother Navin the kitten. He is very loving as well. However, he is also a chihuahua, so he will let you know what he wants and when he is done playing and needs a nap!

Are you keen to help out other dogs like TurboRoo?

Yes! We have started our own company called TurboRoo Designs, to make these form-fitting carts available for dogs that are in desperate need of them.

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