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PHOTOS: Artist creates stunning 3D architectural illustrations

Architectural illustrator Victor Enrich cuts, curves and twists buildings into ridiculous shapes for his photo series called “City Portraits.”

The Spanish artist, who created the 3D digitally manipulated images that transform photos into architectural illusions, searched for inspiration in a seven-year journey.

What is the story behind your City Portraits series?

One day I decided to close my business and start a new life. I decided to starta journey without any specific direction and time limit. It turned out to be a journey that lasted seven years and took me to places such as Latvia, Israel and Germany. During this journey, I fell back in love with 3D architectural illustration and my portraits are testament to that renewed passion.

How do you create these images?

Every project begins with a special relationship that I establish with a particular building. I know it seems quite strange, but for me, buildings are just like people. After this relation- ship is established, I make a photographic report of the building from whichI choose the best shotsto work on afterwards. Then I begin with a 100 percent manual, and very long lasting process of 3Dvirtual reconstruction of the building, based on what I have photographed. Once the 3D recreation is over, I apply it to some geometric transformations.

Would you like to see one of these buildings built in reality?

I have never considered that any of my buildings would be constructed in real life. They would bea disaster, since many ofthem do not follow any functional rule. I always say that architecture is for architects; it’s not my role to design objects that may be habitable or usable by human beings as build- ings. I prefer to keep total freedom by working with virtual reality.

You can see all the buildings of Enrich here: http://shop. victorenrich.com

– By Daniel Casillas