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PHOTOS: Artist cuts off half of his beard, sticks things to face

If you think the hipster beard trend is getting a bit bland, put the fun back into the fuzz (well, by half) as Adriano Alarcon did for his quirky series. The Brazilian photographer shaved off one side of his beard and accessorized half of the face with funky items like popcorn, chocolate sprinkles and plastic bugs.

Why did you decide to do your “Fifty Fifty Selfie Barber Shop” project?

Just to have fun.

That’s a thick (half) beard. How long did you grow that for?

Four months, and the last month was pretty rough.In that time it takes more time to dry the beard than your hair.[Laughs] And I decided not to trim any little bit of the beard to makeit as rough as it could possibly be, so I could become a Neanderthal man.

How do you decide whatto stick on your face?

During the last month of growth I started collecting objects to wear, from plastic insects to candies. The objects don’t have any relationship between them; they just should be nice.

What is the message behind these quirky pictures?

I guess the biggest message is that people shouldn’t worry so much about their own image; it’s about expressing ourselves, even if it looks silly. I think we’re living in a time in which everyone seems so self- concerned about the right way to look or behave, so I just wanted to poke a bit of fun at that fact and have a few laughs in the process.

What has been the reaction to your work?

The project went viral, which was a surprise to me. The reaction from aroundthe world has been quite mixed: some reckon it’s the most hipster way todo a photography project, while others think this is the most stupid thing to do with a beard!

Do you still live life with half a beard?

No, but I’m about to do the same with my hair. I

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