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PHOTOS: Artist, hat-maker Phil Ferguson creates food inspired headwear

Food has always been an inspiration for artistic works from famous paintings to literature, but rarely for clothes. Phil Ferguson, an artist based in Melbourne, Australia, was inspired by a hamburger from his work to begin creating a series of crocheted hats shaped in the form of pizza, ice cream and even sushi.

Why did you pick food as the subject for your hats?

I never really set out to specifically do food as a theme to begin with; I guess once I saw the response online to my first hat, the burger one, my mind kept looking at food for inspiration! I’m always drawn to colors and shapes, and that is what food is all about for me.

How did the idea of food hats emerge?

I have always crocheted, but in 2014 I wanted to make more wearable pieces of art. After trying to make a potted cactus hat, I made the burger hat and everything else stemmed from there.​

What is your favorite meal?

I like a lot of food! I like burgers, pizza, burritos, cakes – almost everything. I can’t even think of a meal that I don’t like.​

Do you plan to make hats with other items?

I originally had ideas to do lots of non-food pieces but I guess I’ve been on a run with the food. I do plan on doing other objects but right now I love the response I’m getting from doing food.​

What do you do for a living?

I work in a burger shop called Tuck Shop Take Away. It’s where I got the inspiration for the burger hat, so if I hadn’t of been working there, I’m not sure if I would be doing what I’m doing!​

What reaction do you get from customers?

Well, everyone right now is loving my hats. I’ve never had such an overwhelmingly positive response to my work before, so I’m always happy to try and create things people want to see.

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