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PHOTOS: Cool ‘E-Ink’ keyboard changes display based on what app you’re using

A keyboard that changes key display based on your current needs has been launched.

As the name suggests Jaasta E-ink keyboard has keys that each feature electronic ‘ink’ displays.

Depending on the application – or language – being used, the user can amend the keys to display relevant shortcuts or characters.

It means that those using packages such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or the Microsoft Office suite will have the visual shortcuts more clearly at their fingers.

International users will also be able to make their own country’s letter characters appear at the touch of a button.

Robert Browning, spokesman for Californian company Jaasta, explains: “The idea of a dynamic E Ink Keyboard is one that moves a great many people to the edge of their seat with excitement. The ability to change keys based on the software being used, clearly breaks through a wall set by conventional keyboards, and could speed up both productivity and learning speed to levels not previously approachable, in the opinion of many experts.”

Jaasta will soon announce a crowdfunding campaign to develop this product and their Zero Sound Mouse and bring them to market.

The company says: “The Jaasta E Ink Keyboard and Zero Sound Mouse will change the way users think of these two everyday accessories. Seeing our E Ink Keyboard is believing. Once a person uses one they will likely never want to return to using an old-style keyboard ever again.”

The Jaasta Zero Sound Mouse is the first zero mouse entering the market. It comes complete with an internal 8gb memory and a SuperSpeed usb input port for a user’s flash drive, making it the perfect companion for the company’s E Ink Keyboard.

The Zero Sound Mouse is designed to pair with the keyboard and features left and right click buttons that bend gently without emitting any noises. Jaasta claim the ‘smart mouse’ not only gives you instant wireless access to your files with 64GB of internal storage, it is also capable of storing your data. It can establish connection with your PC or TV, and work with Jaasta to obtain instant access of all your files and movies.

No official price has been announced although technology website Bit-Tech claims that the keyboard will cost $299 and the mouse will be $79 for the entry-level 8GB version.

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