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PHOTOS: Family adopts Tie, dog that raced alongside a Metro-North train

A dog rescued last week after racing alongside a Metro-North train from the South Bronx to Manhattan was adopted, officials said Monday.

Nicknamed Tie by transit workers for the railroad ties she ran across, the dog was adopted Sunday after more than 100 calls to Animal Care & Control of NYC.

Tie, believed to be a shepherd and collie mix, was first spotted running along a train moving out of Mott Haven Junction toward Grand Central just before 11 a.m. last Tuesday.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority slowed roughly half a dozen trains in the area for Tie. The engineer who first spotted the wayward pup had the train follow her for a mile and a half as she walked along the tracks and across a bridge into Manhattan.Commuters cheered as Tie was lured off the tracks at the 125th Street station in Harlem.

After the rescue, Tie was brought to Animal Care & Control of NYC’s care center in East Harlem, where she was adopted by the Miller family on Sunday when no owner was found.

More than 100 queries and 36 applications were received to adopt Tie, according toJessica Vaccaro, adoption supervisor at the organization.

“It was really difficult to pick one family out of the bunch,”Vaccaro said. The Millers were selected because they have another dog like Tie and knew a lot about her breed mix.

While Animal Care & Control of NYC appreciated the outpouring of interest in Tie,Vaccaro saidthe organization is currently looking for homes for roughly 300 other animals.

“We have hundreds of other animals — cats dogs, rabbits, birds — in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island that need adopting,” she said.

None of the people interested in taking home Tie adopted another animal, Vaccaro said, but some asked for their applications to be kept open.

The organization takes in roughly 30,000 animals of all creeds a year, with numbers spiking during summer, according to Vaccaro.

For more information about how to adopt from Animal Care & Control of NYC, visit their website.

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